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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  March 15, 2013 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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can tell you who you are thinking about. hmmm. okay. >> eric: bob. >> dana: that was not a bob look. the barbara bush foundation for family literacy has a new contest. it's called ve lotedly -- devotedly dad. you go and you can write your children a letter. contest winners will choose two from each state. get the new book "all the best" collection of letters from george h.w. bush and pair of his favorite fun first family socks. a great way for parents to communicator their children. rather than just by text message, write a full letter is a special thing for your kids to have. >> eric: absolutely. >> greg: i wish dana would stop expressing herself with
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the naked centerfold pictures of her dog on twitter. if i see his junk one more time -- >> andrea: jasper junk? >> greg: yes! you should be thrown in jail. >> dana: jasper junk. freddie banned phrase. misspoke. when they say i misspoke, they really mean i told the truth and got called in an office by my boss who said retract. then come out and say i misspoke. >> eric: or they say i was fast and loose with the dialogue. something to that effect. didn't you ban it ever? >> greg: i thought i did but i went back and probably talked about it. >> andrea: rebanned it. >> eric: banned archive. wasn't there. >> eric: show the picture. this is true economic stimulus. doritos locos taco bell. ready? they sold 375 million of those in a year. more than 1 million per day. it required 15,000 new hires by taco bell to -- >> andrea: what do you think mayor bloomberg thinks about
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that? >> eric: or michelle obama for that matter. >> dana: president obama probably thinks i wish i could have one. >> eric: that's it. go to go. see you tomorrow, welcome to "red eye." i'm andy levy in for greg gutfeld who tore his acl doing the harlem shake. let's go to gavin mcguinness for our pre game president are. what is coming up on tonight's show? what's up, america? thanks for staying up way past your bedtime, or learning to work a dvr. tonight sugar gets a bailout and justin timberlake gets a pass. also, veronica mars has reinvented capitalism and technology is ruining our lives. stay tuned and learn the difference between hyperbole and real life information. >> thanks, gavin. i think it will be more of the former and less of the latter
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is my guess. >> that's usually the pattern. >> get to work. >> let's welcome our guests. i am here with lauren sivan here from kttv in los angeles. and a first time guest, jenni johnson. >> word up. >> and bill schulz, aka, the condor. and next to me sherrod small. >> my hamster died. >> a block. the lded. that's the first story. get ready for the last, everyone. >> nice. will a government fix raise the price of twix? the usda is considering a sugar bailout by -- buying 400,000 tons of the stuff to limit supply and raise prices. the move would help sugar producers pay back government loans. but it would lift prices for candy makers like hershey, nestle and hershey which means
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americans would have more for their butterfinger. big sugar has long gotten a hand from uncle sam and it cost the country a few billion dollars and 20,000 jobs annually. in other words, per year. no matter what, fox news chocolate will remain free. stupid rat doesn't know it is 25 years old. lauren, hi. >> hi, andy. >> on the one hand you have people like the first lady, new york city's mayor telling us to be healthier. on the other hand government is subsidizing big sugar. please explain this to me. >> i can't explain all of the fancy financial talk. the only thing i really took from this is they said the big losers here would be the candy companies. who depends on the candy
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companies? the biggest losers are the pedophiles that rely on the candy, right? >> that is definitely your way. >> you wanted me to work michelle obama in, didn't you? >> well, yes, maybe impeaching the first lady? >> we will put in an edit. >> i figure. >> sherrod, you were saying in the green room that you would go off if they raise the price of the kit-kat. >> i don't like the price to go up because i enjoy a nice kit-kat and a snickers, if you will. i don't understand why they are trying to manipulate the sugar price. >> to help the big sugar. >> to help the big sugar companies pay back a loan they government from the government. we are the government, right? >> you are so naive, sherrod. it does president work that way anymore -- it doesn't work that way. >> we don't get any money? >> not for six years. we want to you pay us for the
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privilege of sitting here. >> jenni, how many news outlets included the phrase "sweet deal" when they reported it. >> i would say most of them. i would say the majority probably. you know, who cares? it is sugar. there is plenty of people that won't care. >> about sugar? >> about sugar. >> everyone cares about sugar. how about the diabetic jonas brother? their feet will fall of on. >> so we are saving the jonas brothers? >> just the one. >> oh, just the one. >> the jonas brothers have leb leb -- have lepracy? >> bill, can i get serious for a minute here? i want to get serious. will we see a repeat of the great sugar crisis of 1985? >> yes, i remember 85.
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i was concerned about this. and then i realized they were talking about sugar, sugar. they were not talking about booger sugar. i have a march madness deal going on. buy one gram and the second is free. reach me through fox news. >> are you serious? >> i wanted to talk about the great sugar crisis of85. >> i have to supplement the income over here. >> lauren, you have a choice. you can name your favorite candy or punch bill in the face. >> left side or right side? >> can i really punch him? >> that would be up to him. i am just making up questions. >> you know, i don't really like candy. i like to drink michael res.
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my calories. when i hear candy will become more expensive, all of a sudden i am intrigued. i love expensive. >> a kit-kat will be a godiva. >> touche. >> like you didn't know. >> from mars to stars. do we not assail if they are male? so the theory goes among celebs men have it easier than women. adding to the argument and compares the albums from justin timberlake and beyonce. both pop singers relentlessly self-promote and self-congratulate while their records under well med yet jt is received enthusiastically and she is raked over the coals. she says famous dudes get a hall pass, but the taylor swifts of the world are subject to female hate outbursts or fho's. she says it is hard to think
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of a male celebrity to think of what these women have been through in the last few months. >> flava-flave. >> no. no. >> that was gary busey. did you not know that was gary? >> jenni, obviously have i to say this. anytime we do a story about jt and i have to take myself out of the con vow because they are close friends. do male celebs get treated differently? >> i don't think that that is true. i think there are plenty of annoying women. i think taylor swift writes a song, i touched your [bleep] and you broke up with me. that's fine and cute, but it
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is annoying. i don't think beyonce is annoying. that's why she is getting broken up with. >> very frustrating. >> so weird. i never thought this show would be the one to go off the rail. >> have you your anne hathaway. she wore a bridesmaid dress to the oscars. it is annoying. i don't believe beyonce to be annoying. >> there is something unlikeable about app hathaway -- anne hathaway though. >> she is the one your parents would make you invite to your birthday. >> i agree with what they are saying. she says people like beyonce gets dumped on, but most of the things i read about her are positive. you can't say a bad word about dunham or you get it. i don't think she is right. >> the whole article is about
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justin timberlake. i see justin timberlake as the anderson cooper of the music industry. anderson cooper started off cool with the black t-shirt and unaring around haiti and then he got the talk show where he is scolding well-fed pageant moms. don't get me started on the new year's eve nonsense and pretend it is okay. tom brokaw wouldn't get away with that. but he is anderson cooper and we have to love him. america loves anderson cooper. >> anderson coper is a vanderbilt. let's remember that. >> do you think jt could be talented, and if you have his number can we hang out after the show? >> it could be, but people don't think jt gets enough slack don't read my tweets. i attack them equally, beyonce, jt, i don't separate
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the sexes. >> you do separate the races though. >> only east asians. >> you are very specific. particularly a village in thailand. i was a prostitute. >> you didn't have to say that. it was implied. >> thank you for connecting those dots for us. >> bill, a study has shown that only chris brown has a lower like ability factor than you. thoughts? >> i somehow knew brown and i would be enter twined. we in the hack industry like to call this a column you write before you actually get the facts. you come up with a high -- hypothesis and then you can findal of these things you can throw in this salad to make it work. there are comparisons. justin timberlake is an okay
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actor and muse clear gifted as is anne hathaway and taylor swift. at one point they all brought sexy back. there is one difference. justin timberlake is funny. that's it. it has nothing to do with gender. justin timberlake is funny. >> where are you getting that from? his tweets? >> his tweets are hill hilarious. they are way better than sherrod's. gee he may not be a comedian, but he can deliver. >> taylor swift could not take herself more seriously, and let's see who was making fun of taylor swift, tina fey and amy pohler. who makes fun of them? no one. stop reading and start reading condor .org. >> we just got served. >> my theory stands. >> if you are funny you can get away with being obnoxious. the fact he is a bit humorous
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takes him better than i take myself so seriously beyonce and morbidly serious anne hathaway and i don't give an f taylor swift. >> she writes taylor swift, quote, gets unfairly mentioned for talking about a past relationship in a song." not every song is about how crappy an exwas. >> which do you think was jake gyllenhall. >> and she thinks that james franco gets a free pass. >> that idiot? i am a believer, but a lot of people aren't they make fun of him constantly. >> i hate james franco i am a big fan of his brother. i don't want to put any energy his way. let's move on. from timberlake beats to box office zeets. fans of veronica morris
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brought the canceled tv show to the big screen 12 hours after the fundraiser was announced. it was a student who solved crime in her spare time. on wednesday rob thomas alerted supporters that warner brothers would let him seek donations for the movie project and they needed $2 million in 30 days. it took them less than 1/30 of that time. they tweeted eccstaticly, i love you. you are spectacular. i am speechless. >> hilarious. >> reporter: meanwhile, they begged the free loading sea lion . the cat gets nothing and veronica morris gets money.
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>> did they really? >> get them out of here. >> sherrod -- >> it is like celebrating a new pope. >> do what -- do white people have too much money? >> don't put this on white people. it is about the girls. if you had a girlfriend she wanted to watch the show. i am a big fan of christian bell. she is great on "house of lies." bring back the moves, why not? bring it back. >> that was a lame answer. >> i'll throw $5 in. bring it back. >> lauren, hollywood insiders are claiming that this -- >> are you not calling me a hollywood insider. >> no. >> you live in west hollywood. close enough. >> actual hollywood insiders are saying the crowd sourcing could change the industry. agree, disagree or thinking about a nap? >> i usually am just humming yankee doodle in my head. i do have a point.
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what did they raise $2 million? >> 2.9 is what i saw. >> america, we can't prevent a cataclysmic sequester. it was black death headed our way. no one did anything about that. but this show needed to be saved. there were $2 million of quirky, snarky, high school detectives. that's what we got behind and rallied. >> it is really one girl's journey to adulthood. >> as a former teen detective, i know are you excited about this, do you think fans paying studios to make movies is the wave of the future? >> it is going to -- to me it is about as much pull as the nickelodeon kids choice awards. you are having a bunch of kids that are given their allowance so veronica mars can solve who
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took a dump in the bath m rue. it is thought for me. -- in the bathroom. it is not for me. >> i can tell you were a big fan of the show. clearly you know them all by heart. >> soiler alert, it was sherrod. it is always sherrod. i am so happy for the veronica mars movie, coughed an eat ethiopian child. >> veronica can solve a crime. >> the cost of a cup of coffee a day. >> and now that kid can enjoy veronica mars. >> while starving. you can't eat film. >> coming up, what type of sacrifice eats a live puppy kitten. should etiquette go the way of the doo-doo? you are watching "red eye" on
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fnc. stick around. >> guests on "red eye" will stay at the" red eye" suites minutes from the garden state parkway. the "red eye" suites have first time accommodations for guests.
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are you a creep if you wait for the beep? some people leave phone messages and it is kind of annoying. you have to access your voicemail and listen to it. i have thing to do like feeding my cats. this week's new york times eett cut addressed that dated habit. sending an e-mail that just
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says thank you because we are drowning in digital communication and asking somebody that you can google like driving directions. in other news on manors, a study from the university of san diego, go mud rats, say overhearing one side of a cell phone call is more distracting than hearing a conversation between two people. clearly we must discuss in the -- >> lightning roooooooouuuuuuunnnnnndd. lightning round. >> well done. >> you went with it. >> sherrod and marrod are twin brothers. >> they say this is a generational thing and older people are more used to leaving phone messages. but then he writes my father learned a lesson after leaving me a dozen voicemail messages none i us lenned to. my mother realized that and now we commune say the through twitter -- we communicate
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through twitter. >> you get voicemails from your dad and you don't listen because you are proving a point? >> how do you teachers and them the right way to do things? >> you are enabling them. if you pick it up they will keep calling. >> my sister had a baby and illustrated it through emoticon. i didn't have to read about it. i knew exactly what went down. >> don't get me wrong. i am all for this. but you have to make allowances for older people. >> andy, andy, these problems should be back in the day. i used to hate voicemail messages too until i got the samsung galaxy node. what it does is prints it out on my screen and then i can press it. >> you know you are not getting a free one. >> i have one. i just need one when that comes out.
12:25 am
>> we are taking all of that out in edit. >> jenni, i want to talk about the cell phone thing. it is definitely more distracting to hear one side of a cell phone discussion than two people having a discussion. >> totally. it is self-serving. you are in an elevator and you are in a first class lounge and you can hear the guy having a business call heading back to holland. he is trying to sound important. i pick up my phone, oprah, girl, how have you been? i just do it louder. guess whose call just got more important. >> bystanders are like, why are you talking into a finger? joy let me bring my phone up. >> the worst part is you are doing that and then your phone rings. >> you have to turn the ringer off. >> i had to figure out how to turn siri off because i would do that and it would be like how can i help you?
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>> bill, you only communicate through handwritten letter and i am busy last saturday. >> finally got the message back. i tiewcially texting. i usually like texting and don't like voicemails and never talk on the phone unless i have had a couple. it is usually jack daniels. every time i a jack daniels it is like a little kentucky. >> by the name i am bill schulz and i work at 12116th avenue. >> you are not getting jack daniels. you are not getting jack daniels. next topic a new jersey high school is look into how nude photos of teen girls ended up on-line. i am going to do that. two students sent pictures using snap chat, a picture that disappears two to five seconds.
12:27 am
it posted to instagram and then the whole school knew what was go osmght no one over 40 know what's i said. what do you do if you are one of these girls? do you transfer schools? >> i will have to take a different position. as much as i am happy there was no instagram and facebook when i was a kid. this is the best their bodies will ever look. check it out. knock it out. up load, download, whatever you got to do. it is all downhill. in two years, yes. >> nobody will believe them. there is controversy check tout. >> you feminists tweet your complaints to jenni. >> and gray goose vodka. >> lauren, the cops are giving everybody until monday to delete them or face criminal charges. >> police are investigating these naked girls.
12:28 am
what do we have here? another naked girl on the sofa. >> you wouldn't think it would take 74 cops to investigates that. what is the investigation? they just 4* joined snap chat? they dug deep. >> sherrod, should young imirls never send pictures of themselves to guys. second of all, even if they delete them, the guy already saw them. do you think this is high school boys forget? >> you wants them to see you, about but don't want it passing around to all of their friends. >> and it is clear the cops have no idea how technology works. if i delete it off my phone i can't have it someplace else. >> we need them to be in a advanced program.
12:29 am
>> high school boys i will pass around. it is tool -- it is high school boys. before we had naked pictures -- [bleep]. >> that's what we did. camera dudes know what we are talk bsmght we president do need technology. >> it just got sentimental. >> bill, i will go to you. do not reference what was just said. >> i am going to talk longer than normal. there is a vast amount 6 -- of tape for something that may or may not have happened. beautiful job. we got what we needed from you. have a comment on the show? e-mail us at red eye at fox do you have a video of your animal doing something go to tokes and we might use it. >> still to come, our
12:30 am
cancellation. >> it is brought to you by jump rope. thanks, jump rope.
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amazingly we are back. let's see if we have gotten anything wrong so far. what's up, gav? >> a lot of stuff is up, guys. >> it sure is. >> a lot of mistakes.
12:34 am
a lot of mistakes. >> a lot of mistakes. >> look at all of these thoughts. >> wow. >> let's start with hannibal. sherrod, you said we are the government. [laughing] >> all right, giggle fest. you said we are the government, correct? >> yes, we the people. >> who did you vote for? >> i voted for obama. >> did you vote for him because he is black? >> no, i voted for him because mitt romney was the other choice. >> what are your favorite policies of obama? >> all of them, but what i like in particular is his stance on white people. >> how do you think your arch enemy, romney, would have handled the sequester. >> who old rich man? how he would handle it? >> call him what you want.
12:35 am
>> i would call him -- oh, -- >> just leave it. >> the sequester. handled it like a man out of touch with campaign. >> would you have voted for jd smooth if he as amish? >> no. aka mitt romney. your turn. >> you have to make a note. >> i believe sherrod voted for obama because he is black. you said to the sound man once, you did that handshake you do. >> the secret one in. >> the secret one. >> how did you see that? >> i was spying on you guys. >> i will have to bring this up on thursday. >> i am happy to relinquish my
12:36 am
ghetto pass. >> you can't -- >> i will give up my shares in that. as long as the truth comes to light. there is no truth existing which i would fear or want unknown to the entire world. bill, were you talking about booger sugar. i don't know if this is something in my head, but wasn't it in the early 2,000's wasn't it 20 bags? what are these huge hundred dollar cylinders you have to buy now? >> i don't know what you were talking about, but i was talking about the candy ads called booger sugar. it is a little chocolate and a little sugar and you can find it on the website condor .org. >> if you sip monster -- >> what is it with you and this monster drink? >> it is so sugary it tastes like melted candycanes whereas red bull which the young kids
12:37 am
find too bitter. and it is the same with coke. a 20 bag used to be fine for the night and now you have to do basically a giant monster can. remember when it was a pin joint and now it is a blunt. it is a cigar full of marijuana. >> you know who president couldn't? standards and practices. what i was talking about is legitimate candy. >> moving along i would like to talk to jenni johnson. you are talking about annoying women. women have a gift. they can give life. that's like being superman. why is superman trying to be good at everything else. it is like going, you are in the sex pistols, you can play
12:38 am
base? i can play base. i don't know why we feel a need for women to be equal in the fire department, pop music, daily news. don't you agree? because women can have kids. >> they are freaks. >> honestly, i view having kids like i view cooking. i can do it, i just don't want to. >> that's like superman saying i can fly and take a piece of coal and crush it into a diamond, but i prefer to focus on lacrosse which is my forte. >> that's fair enough. you are barking up the wrong tree. >> i don't care if you are not a child haver. >> i am not a child liker. i don't like anybody under the age of 18 and i am done. i have nothing to offer you. >> you agree that women are annoying when they try to be men? >> when they try to be men?
12:39 am
>> well, like tina fey, she is funny, and then all of the people she hires are men. men are funnier than women. they want to dominate comedy and the fire department and everything. women in combat. i'm glad you agree with me. sherrod, you were criticizing beyonce. >> i don't believe she had that baby. i know an ebay baby when i see it. >> it is racist to criticize anyone of color. i think that you should start thinking about one other black woman who can be a role model to other girls with long, blonde hair. name one. >> lil kim. >> michelle obama. >> name seven more. >> everybody from "dream girls." and" the help."
12:40 am
>> lauren, i didn't get to you. >> i must have gotten everything correct. >> judging by your outfit, i would like to get to you because you look like you are at the awards, but at a funeral. i don't know how you feel about infidelity. >> it is a new f dish, gavin. you can search it on-line. >> tv is a stupid place to ask if somebody wants to horse around. do you have a hotel when you visit new york? >> i find hitting on a woman should be press physicianed with women -- press phacked with women suck. >> no, they don't they are magic j. >> you just finished telling me we are good for one thing and that is baby making. >> two things, almost baby
12:41 am
making. >> bad timing. let's talk later after the show. >> fair enough. >> andy, back to you. >> coming up, it must have been love, but it is over now. it is all that i wanted, now i am living without. it is something geraldo snap chatted me. and what did lauren sivan do for history month? i am guessing it got ripped out somewhere.
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has march said amen to estrogen? in case you didn't know, ie, a masogonistic peg, we are in the middle of women history month. we sent lauren sivan out to find out more information. >> thanks, greg. the streets are packed with people celebrating national women's month. we are out here to get the scoop. let's do this.
12:45 am
are you women? >> yes. >> what are you doing to celebrate national women's month? >> hanging out with the girls. >> yes, actually a girls trip. >> nice. in honor of national women's month. >> or almost getting married and need to play for a bit. >> yes. >> totally. >> what are you going to do to celebrate national women's month? >> probably get drunk. >> who are your female role models when it comes to female health? >> my grandma. i always go to her. every girl can go to her mom or any adult figure or a teacher >>- q. i what if your mom is -- >> what if your mom is kasey anthony. >> what is the greatest thing women have achieved in the last 80 years? >> some would say it is the right to vote. >> but you wouldn't? >> i would allow them to vote. >> you would allow us to vote? >> yes. >> you sir are pushing us forward. thank you. >> sorry.
12:46 am
>> do you think we wasted a lot of time trying to vote or was it worth it? >> definitely worth. it. >> did you vote in this election? >> no because i was president registered. i wanted to. >> you know how many women fought for your right to vote and you took it for granted. >> the women who fought for you to vote and they walked uphill both ways with a sign. >> do you sometimes feel as a wool that we have too many rights? >> not really. >> people asked women to work and they look for the diversity for women. >> isn't it a bummer we have to work now? >> can you think of any female role models throughout history? >> eleanor roosevelt, the first female flier. >> she wasn't the first female flier. amilia earhart. >> oh, i got the wrong name.
12:47 am
>> i will give you figures throughout history and you tell me, rapid fire, who has done more for women. marie antoinette or marie osmond. >> i would say marie osmond. >> jackie ken gnaw tee, or former vijah kennedy. >> i am not familiar with those names. >> i don't want to say. >> let me throw this out there, a man would have answered so much faster. anne hathaway or anne frank? >> i choose anne hathaway. she is an aspiring actress in did "the devil wears prada." >> ang frank. >> anne hathaway. she cut her hair. >> helen mure rine or helen keller. >> helen keller. >> really though? helen murin was the key. >> but that is a tough one.
12:48 am
>> >> as it continues, i think we have proven one thing, we ain't there yet. i am going to go get drunk with some sailors. out. >> nicely done. >> it is hard to believe you don't have a full time job. i don't get it. >> it is by choice, andy. >> sorry. >> the guy decides to leave his ear buts -- ear buds in. was he a plant? he was amazing. >> tom o'conneller and i went to time square and there was no one in time square. that one that wasn't like that. we used everybody we interviewed. what are you trying to say?
12:49 am
>> they are not well read on women's history. historic women. they like her hair. >> she cut her hair. >> and they collectively agreed. >> shaw roted, 31 days? >> black history month. that's okay because some of those women are black. we will take shirley chism's day. gee haven't we taken enough from shirley chism. >> how are you celebrating women's history month? >> i got my pared. >> [applause] >> and by the way do this. >> that's the best day of the week. >> i would ask you the same question and you would give the answer answer. time to take a break. when we return a special performance from the musical
12:50 am
guest, trouble funk.
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according to a report in "the shun" a british newspaper, not
12:54 am
the gq star that keeps us from wearing sweaters in the summer, a serbian woman is suffering from a condition that causes her to see everything upside down. for her, every day is a "dancing on the ceiling" video. they call it spatial orientation phenomenon. we will help her out for a little bit of the seggent in. segment. >> woe. >> sherrod, honestly sounds awful. she has been like this since she was born. she doesn't know any different. does that make it better? >> it seems like the condition is getting course. women hear things the wrong way and now they are seeing things the wrong way. >> very up with the ladies. >> jenni, she watches an upside down tv and her family watches another right next to it that is not upside down. that has to be annoying for her family and friends.
12:55 am
it is like, oh god, tammy is coming over. you have to deal with her. we just won't invite her. we want to watch we will watch. >> lauren, by the end of most nights you pretty much see the world upside down too. assuming you can relate. >> i don't mean to get all meta on you, but how do we know she doesn't see the world the way it is? >> what? think about it. >> you blew my mind. >> just chew on it. >> what sph she is like -- what if she is like, i am going to milk it. >> i wonder if she is just an a-hole. >> bill, in many ways isn't this woman perfect for you?
12:56 am
>> i don't know what it means. >> i was wondering how you were going to do that. >> the condor has no problem getting the ladies. thars a different story for a different day. >> why do they have to be serbian? >> that's the way the condo likes them. >> it is like, boy, take your pants up. you better get those pants up. >> i have nothing to add to this because i think it is fake. but i do have a fun fact that is true. >> did you miss the part where i said it was in the sun? >> sorry, evening land -- sorry, england, if you are hung upside down for a long period of time your vision corrects yourself. if you are hanging upside down you will take things the rights way. >> i am not saying you should
12:57 am
thanking this woman up and then gave them back. >> we will close things ut with a post imam wrap up. to see recent shows go to fox eye.
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